Bart’s 100wc The Orange Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a crocodile called Orange. I don’t know where that name came from because he was green and very very long. The river that he lived in before is called Amazon river and it is very wide. When he was small bad people came to catch him and take him to the Zoo. His biggest wish was to come back to the wild. One day there was a big storm. Within the storm, wind came   and one of the zoo trees collapsed and let Orange escape. He traveled all the way back to river Amazon to meet his old friends. His biggest wish came true.

Noah’s 100wc The River of Adventure

We were going down the river on an expedition. We were in Australia. There were loads of orange birds and hundreds of trees. There was a crocodile in the water. He was ready to eat. The handmade raft was only made of wood. We checked that there were no dangling bits on the raft. The raft was very wide so it was hard. Within a while we lost the crocodile. A tree collapsed in to the river so we ducked. When we got to the end we said we are never going again. We went back  to the hotel.

Ashley’s 100wc The New Lake

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a dirty and very smelly bog, and at the side of the most discusting bog was a big , big crocodile the size of a tree (almost the size of a tree) and he hates bogs and when he gets angry he goes crazy and within seconds he went crazy, and he loves clean fresh lakes, so he went crazy, just then a very wide hippopotamus walked into the bog “I thought it was a very clean lake.”