Jodie’s 100wc The Good Crocodile

Once on a beautiful day there was a girl called Ava she was with her friend called Ellen. One day they went for a walk in the woods and found an magic swamp  within the magic swamp there lived an magical   Orange  crocodile. They were so scared. The crocodile lived in the wide swamp with a big rock going over it. Within a minute they ran home.The next day Ava went back to the magic swamp.But she noticed that the crocodile was really nice and could talk! She was so amazed by how it could talk.She be came his friend. Every day she would go talk to him but one day a hunter came looking for him because he was the rarest crocodile in the world!but the hunter wanted to kill him so Ava brought the crocodile to here house and left him in the pond in their back garden. But that day her mom noticed him she screamed and Ava went to check on her. Her mom gave out to Ava for bringing a crocodile into the back garden.but her mom said he can stay he can’t go in the house though so Ava said OK. When Ava got home from school the next day he was in the house with mom but mom was playing with him they had so much fun that they kept him.But her dad wasn’t happy.but when he got to know him they let him keep him.

James 100wc The Evil Crocodile

Once upon a time lived a crocodile who lived in the animal rain forest. This crocodile was very evil and mean. He was also a fire breathing crocodile. One day he went  to a city close by. He started to attack the city by breathing orange fire at buildings. Soon the buildings collapsed hurting lots of people. The city was protected by the animal team who are a monkey, an elephant and an owl. A big battle began between the crocodile and the animal team and the crocodile was trapped within building but escaped from the team through a wide  crack the wall and never seen again.

Cian’s 100wc The Greedy Crocodile

Once there was a greedy crocodile that lived in a rainforest. One day he began to look for food. He searched the rainforest but could not find anything to eat. He started to walk out of the rainforest. Suddenly he saw a farm with cows. He opened his wide mouth and started to drool as he thought “I will have the biggest cow for my dinner.” He started to crawl slowly towards the cow. Suddenly he pounced on the cow and it collapsed. He held the cow within his mouth. The farmer ran out, grabbed an orange pitch fork and stabbed the crocodile.

Emma’s 100wc What a Dream

This morning I woke up not in my bed but in the jungle.  Suddenly I heard a rustling in bushes all around me. I didn’t know what to do. Within moments out came a wide, long, orange, what looked to be a crocodile with wings. But as soon as it saw me it collapsed. I think it was playing dead. Whatever it was it saw that I had food and came over to me I gave it some and it liked it. The creature showed me all around the jungle. Suddenly I woke  with a jolt. That was a good dream.

Darragh’s 100wc The Weird Crocodile

Once there was a very weird crocodile. He was wide and orange. He had two sisters and one brother. They were not weird. He lived near a few houses [crocodile house]. His name is John he is very nice. John went to his best friend’s house and within his house was just lots and lots of food.Five weeks later lots of fisher men came to his crocodile village.Then  John’s house collapsed because of the fisher men.He was very very sad his mammy was shouting at the fisher men, but they did not know what she was saying.They just started waking away from them. Five years later the fisher men came back. John’s mam was still scared but the fisher men came to say sorry to them for with they did to them.