Matthew’s 100WC My Most Treasured Item

You probably never probably heard of it. It has a shape with curves at each corner, it has a black coating on the body and the frame is silver. It’s made out of iron. It’s from Germany and it was given to certain soldiers in the German army during the second world war. It has the 3rd Reich sign on it. Many people would assume it belongs to an SS officer or soldier but it doesn’t. It looks like a poor man thing but its price is around 50.00 or more. It was given to soldiers for their bravery.

Leah’s 100wc

My most treasured item.
It lives on my bed.
I have had it since I was a baby.
I have it for the last 11 years.
I sleep with it every night.
My mum and dad got it for me when I was a baby.
I love it so much but I love my family more.
If you think a blanket your a bit off.

Jack’s 100wc

I have it everyday, it cost a lot of money, when I want to turn it on I need to put in a code, if you think it’s a phone then you are certainly oh so wrong, it is delicate it has apps it has a screen and a cover, think bigger and you will get it, you probably know it now, I can’t give it away.

Charlie’s 100wc

I was out in a field doing silage for the grass and at six I was finished so I went in the back door and the first thing I saw was a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. My sister ran downstairs and saw it and laughed her head off and I said what just happened.