Matthew’s 100wc The Shopping Centre

I was in Paris in Le Valle. I was walking around the shopping centre which has 40 restaurants 140 shops and one sea life which is a lot. I went to subway to get a sandwich. Then I went back into the centre. The hallway was just white with people and bright lights. I went to a battery charging place to charge my phone. While I was waiting I saw lots of energetic kids running downstairs to a toy shop. After that I walked down to a steak house had a great steak. Then I looked at the time and hurried back to the hotel.

Caitlin’s 100wc Secondary School

“Hi Kate are you coming to the debs tomorrow?” said Tess. “Yes I am going to look for a dress in Quiz or New Look” said Kate. “I said to Roisin that she should try to find a dress for tonight”said Tess. “Why what is on tonight?” said Kate. “Nobody told you? It’s Ciara’s birthday” said Tess. “OMG I so forgot and what is she doing for her birthday this time? Don’t tell me she is having a pool party because I am having a pool party” said Kate.

Well done Jack!

Jack’s story based on the prompt ‘…and the dog was wearing glasses’ is featured in the 100 word challenge showcase this week. He gets a certificate and a blog badge for his achievement. Congratulations Jack! You can read his story below.

Charlie’s 100WC My Most Treasured Item

You probably don’t know me but I have a favourite item and if you are a teacher one of the people in the school has one. It is made by a huge company and they are sold world wide. It is a type of console, they are like an xbox but they are not an xbox. Right now you are confused but ask one of your pupils and they will give you the answer. It is worth about 250 to 300 euro or whatever currency you have got in your country.