Charlie’s 100WC My Most Treasured Item

You probably don’t know me but I have a favourite item and if you are a teacher one of the people in the school has one. It is made by a huge company and they are sold world wide. It is a type of console, they are like an xbox but they are not an xbox. Right now you are confused but ask one of your pupils and they will give you the answer. It is worth about 250 to 300 euro or whatever currency you have got in your country.

2 thoughts on “Charlie’s 100WC My Most Treasured Item”

  1. Hey Charlie, my guess would be that your item is either a nintendo switch, or a windows PC. I’m unfortunately not a teacher so I can’t ask my students haha. Nice work though- it was pretty challenging to guess but just enough to get a sense of what the item might be. Keep up the good work!
    Young Min
    Team 100wc
    Edinburgh, UK

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