Tadhg’s 100wc

I was going on a walk and I heard a noise coming from the woods like something was  landing. I went in and looked it was a big spaceship. I saw no one until something came out it looked like a wooden figure. It came running over to me and a lot of other wooden figures and then they grabbed me and brought me into their spaceship. They brought me to a big crowd. They brought me to their leader. He started talking in a different language but I quickly got loose and ran. But I was in a corner and I was trapped.

Jack’s 100wc The Tree House

One day there was a girl named Jane. She was talking to her dad and had an idea that she wanted to make a tree house in the garden. She ran out the door and got started. First she cut off all the small branches that were in her way. She went to the garden shed and got the wood. She got her dad to put in the nails and cut the wood. They made a platform on the ground and pulled it up. Her dad nailed it to the tree branches.They put it together like a jigsaw. It was done. “It’s beautiful”, she shouted. “I want to get up!”. The tree started to move! To be continued…

Caitlin’s 100wc

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved going on adventures. Every day she would ask her dad can she go out side and when she went out side she would sneak out of the garden and run through the woods to her secret hide out before the imaginary stick men would take her away but if her dad found her out of the garden he would never let her out by her self but she did not want anybody to know about her secret hideout. One day her dad needed to go to New York for a work problem so he called a babysitter. To be continued…

Tadhg’s 100wc Sports Day

It was a sunny day and it was sports day in the town. There was food like white cupcakes and there was only one sandwich. Everybody hurried to go in the final run. Everybody was very energetic. The referee put a battery in the timer and put it on. Off they went. They went through the first field and through the bog and then down the slide. It was two men that were in front but only one of them won the race.